The Second Foreign Language School Affiliated to Shanghai Normal University

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The lodging life of our Cambridge bilingual department is focused on cultivating students' habits, moral and collective sense of belonging. Our dormitory is managed by the teachers. At the same time, every boarder has a mentor who is always ready to help the students. Students and teachers establish mutual respect in the classroom and out of the classroom. For students, it’s just like living in a large family, not only learning to care for each other, to love each other and to help each other; but also to learn to be independent, have self-esteem, self-love, self-confidence, self-confidence, and self-discipline.

The school encourages students to participate in literature and arts clubs, sports teams, science and technology clubs, or public service clubs after school. The school's libraries and laboratories will be open to all children for learning and research activities. We encourage every student to read hundreds of books, walk thousands of miles, play with more friends, and become global citizens. We hope that our students have less of the utilitarian heart, more respect and tolerance to others, the community, the environment, the views of different people in their study and life, and will cultivate the dedication of society and the world.

The school's hardware can best meet the needs of students for personalized learning, give full play to their hobbies, expertise and skills. We will provide as much as we can for their future learning and growth. Student apartments are equipped with independent health equipment, air conditioning, personal clothing, all-weather drinking and hot water; the student canteen provides Chinese and Western-style meals; campus wireless network has been fully covered. In addition, the school is equipped with ladder classrooms, electronic reading rooms, physical, chemical, biological, natural science, technology and other laboratories, a pottery room, a cooking kitchen, a gardening nursery, a theater, an auditorium, an international standard runway, an indoor gymnasium, tennis courts , soccer fields, basketball courts and other facilities.

Align with wisdom, accompany with happiness, dialogue with the world
School Address
No. 148, Fenghai Road, Huinan, Pudong, Shanghai, China
MRT Line 16, Huinan