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The division is a private school which provides primary school education up to high school senior education. Based on Chinese culture, it also promotes international understanding of education. In addition to the completion of the national nine-year compulsory education, the advanced educational ideas and teaching methods are designed and implemented to provide fundamental and international education for diversified students.

The mission of the school is to integrate the essence of Chinese and Western education, so as to provide the best learning & training opportunities for all students in ethics, academics, sports, art, life, and more. Aimed to make students become the new generation with a sound personality, they are practiced in embracing the world without confusion, worry or fear.

The curriculum aims to promote and educate students with bilingual ability in English and Chinese, and provide high awareness and recognition of diversified cultures. To broaden student’s international horizon and to develop multicultural thinking, they are engaged in discussion, exploration, practice, comparison and research in class and out. Students' sense of identity and pride in Chinese traditional culture will make themselves acknowledge the sense of identity no matter when they learn, work and live anywhere in the world. What’s more, they are more inclusive and appreciative of the rest of the world.

Dear parents and students:

We welcome you to our bilingual department.

We closely follow the standards of national compulsory education supplemented by Chinese language and culture as the main line of school-based curriculum. In addition, we integrate a long history of the British Cambridge curriculum, so grades 1-9 students can own both deep and profound Chinese cultural heritage, and have Chinese and English bilingual and multi-cultural knowledge of the world. Students who have completed the nine-year compulsory education can obtain the junior high school diploma and continue their studies in their domestic courses. Students who are interested in going overseas can also enter our Cambridge A-LEVEL international program in the 10th-12th year to apply for the world's top schools. We provide a variety of personalized options within the scope of the course, and offer preparation for the future study and work of the students. We do not want to let test scores be the only goal of learning; we also want to develop students' lifelong interests in learning and hobbies.

We think that learning takes place not only in the classroom, but also at any time and any place in life. Our students will face more questions on the phenomenon encountered in life, discussion, research, reflection, and through cooperation with other students, put forward possible solutions to any problems encountered. In this way students aim for the "unity of knowledge and practice", and in the process obtain the ability to think critically. We encourage every student to read books, travel a lot and to make friends from all over the world. We then provide students with a wide range of experiential education opportunities, and students also have a variety of opportunities to participate in community service activities.

We advocate and support all students to participate in one hour of sports every day. Through exercise, they enhance their confidence to overcome difficulties, improve team working, and stimulate the a collective sense of honor. We also encourage every student to actively participate in their favorite arts and crafts, science and technology, and community activities to enrich their school life.

We fully agree with the educational philosophy of our predecessors: when a student enters school, in addition to learning textbook knowledge, the more important aspect is ‘’ to learn to be a man", so as to "develop a sound personality". We believe that a school as a "home" is the best environment for students to develop personality. Our middle school students have the opportunity to stay in school. Our lodging life will be an extension of school life; students can be directly connected with the mentor, so there can be caring and support in all aspects of life.

In the cultivation of personality, we hope that every graduate will gain self-esteem, self-love, autonomy, self-respect, self-critique, and self-discipline; hope that every graduate is willing to be a world citizen who can serve for the people around us and the world we live in.

Headmaster General: John Zhang
Headmaster: Alfred Liu
Deputy Headmaster: Sam Shen
Align with wisdom, accompany with happiness, dialogue with the world
School Address
No. 148, Fenghai Road, Huinan, Pudong, Shanghai, China
MRT Line 16, Huinan