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Cambridge A-LEVEL High School

Our Cambridge curriculum has been verified by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) (verified number: CN799) to offer A-Level and IGCSE curricula. All our Cambridge teachers hold abundant international education experience with an average of 8 years of teaching experience; furthermore, over 70% of them hold master degree. Small-sized classes and the academic tutor system enable the school to focus on each student, and to provide a personalized guidance.

Cambridge A-LEVEL high school carries out the international education characteristic of "with wisdom, with happiness, with the world", and strive to create a healthy, happy and harmonious learning atmosphere. It adopts foreign advanced teaching philosophies, focuses on cultivating students' academic English ability and overall competence, and maintains the school’s educational objective of being “Bilingual & culturally adapted, ambitious & talented, able to connect to the world as Chinese.”

High school teachers in Cambridge A-Level courses are experienced in international education. Most teachers hold averaged eight-years of teaching, of which more than 70-percent even own master degree. The system of small-sized class, and head teacher along with academic tutoring, enable every student to be cared and guided individually.


Course Strengths

Our curriculum has been carefully designed and optimized to focus on cultivating students' academic ability while promoting their comprehensive development of knowledge, skills, outlook on life and values. Curriculum design combines the advantages of Chinese and Western courses, not only for students' language skills, international vision, and cultural literacy, but also to guide students to form a solid core value system. Enhancing language skills and communication skills are the basic requirements for the future overseas study, and they also lay a solid language foundation for future study and work life.

Multiple Choice, High Recognition Curriculum System

Both A-Level and IGCSE courses enable students to choose their own interests and suitable courses to learn.

Focus on Capacity Enhancement

Our curriculum not only stimulates students’ curiosity, but helps students to build knowledge, pay more attention to cultivate and develop their abilities of independent thinking, and develop problem solving and innovation.

Effective Guidance for Further Studies

When students have to go through the whole process of preparation and application procedures, there will be teachers appointed to students and parents to carry out targeted guidance. There will also be weekly counselling sessions, after-school one-on-one communication, and counseling.

fully connected overseas university study and foundations laid for the future can apply for all the world's English teaching universities can easily convert university credits to save time and money

Student Development

Club Activity

Club activities can promote the skills and abilities of students. The students set up the clubs and recruit members; we now have more than 1 hour club activities time each afternoon. Club activity is student-based but supplemented by teachers who participate in club guidance and give full support to the enthusiasm and initiative of students. Club activities are meaningful for student university applications and even their future growth.

Student Union

As an organization with self-management and self-education, the student union is bridged to connect students and the school. Constituted by the Bureau, the Department of learning, the Department of journalists, the Department of Culture, the Department of Sports, the Department of Outreach, and the Department of life, it’s aimed at cultivating and training student’s leadership, communication skills and team spirit.

Extracurricular Activity

Out of classroom, students in Cambridge high school are engaged in various quality-oriented activities to satisfy different students. It’s included but not limited to finance, debates, mock United Nations, volunteer activities, field survival and expansion, business internships and so on. These activities help students develop six quality-abilities on teamwork, self-learning, investigation & research, communication & sharing, problem solving and public speaking. They not only improve and exercise student’s comprehensive quality, but also help to accumulate excellent competitive advantages in applying for overseas study in the future.



Students who pass the written examination and interview will receive a letter of acceptance from the school. The student should then provide the relevant supporting documents according to the notice and pay the corresponding fee. They will then receive the follow-up freshmen and home-school manual.

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