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Teacher Team
Our school has a large number of high-quality teachers; the current team of teachers consists of foreign teachers and domestic teachers, foreign teachers holding a foreign expert certificate and teacher qualification certificates in their own country, domestic teachers also holding Chinese teacher qualification certificates. Our teachers are responsible for the teaching, and are full of love for students. All teachers have two or more years of teaching experience, are very familiar with the domestic and foreign curricula.
Recruitment Plan

Teacher:(Elementary, junior high school, high school) Chinese course director, English course director, Chinese, mathematics, English, natural science, music, sports, art, dormitory teacher, assistant.

Marketing Department:copywriter, the implementation of market activities, WeChat operation.

Admissions Department:Admissions Commissioner, admissions manager.

Administration Department:Personnel, secretary, procurement, drivers, warehousing.

Requirements:Undergraduate and above, holding or about to get the relevant section of the teacher qualifications, good health, good temperament, more than two years of relevant teaching experience, bilingual teachers preferred.

We offer 1.2-1.5 times the salary at the same rank as the public schools, teacher accommodation, and other generous benefits to our like-minded teachers. We also offer opportunities for in-service training for teachers who are interested in improving their teaching ability.

Teachers are interested in can also visit our campus, you will be reluctant to leave for its beauty, spacious and comfortable.

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