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Our Cambridge bilingual department will strictly implement the curriculum of compulsory education in Shanghai, and integrate school-based curriculum (CIE Cambridge International Course), and gradually increase the proportion of bilingual teaching. Students who complete the primary school curriculum can be directed into our school junior high school. After the end of the junior high school curriculum they can participate in the Shanghai unified examination and can choose to enter the domestic high school. At the same time, they can also take the Cambridge International Course Exam (IGCSE Certificate) at the end of the third year, attend the Cambridge A-Level High School Curriculum Center, and continue your study in overseas well-known university.

Our school curriculum provides students with interesting, personalized and challenging ways to learn and explore. The school requires all teachers to use the most effective educational methods proven to provide opportunities for basic courses, outreach courses and research projects so that students can fully tap problems and communicate with their peers to develop organizational skills, research ability, analysis and critical thinking ability, and other comprehensive ability. Teachers will arrange interdisciplinary research projects from time to time, so that students can collaborate in groups, show their research results, or work with other students, teachers and parents.

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