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A warm welcome to the principal of Andasol Avenue Elementary School, California

Release date:2018-11-20

A few days ago, Ms. Paula Denen, the principal from Andasol Avenue Elementary School paid us a visit. Principal Zhang Xuefei, CIE  Vice Principal Liu Wang and the IB PYP coordinator, Ms. Yolanda, all welcomed her to our school.

After introductions and welcoming our visitor, Principal Zhang gave a presentation to Ms. Denen with information regarding the unique characteristics of our school: its curriculum, educational philosophy and our campus and facilities. He confirmed with her the significance of her visit.  Ms. Denen in turn thanked the school for the warm reception and engaged in an animated conversation about the features of our school and campus.
This successful visit from an overseas school has enhanced the friendship between teachers, students and management from both schools. The management teams also indicated their strong interest to maintain a cooperative relationship, strengthen the ties between them in the future and to work together to continue to cultivate highly talented students.
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