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Our school is awarded the “Tencent 2018 International Schools Talent Development Practice” Grand Prize

Release date:2018-11-30

The annual grand ceremony of the Tencent International School program: “Enjoy global wisdom and create future education”, jointly sponsored by Tencent Internet and Tencent Abroad,  be held on 28th November at the China Grand hotel in Beijing.

There are more than 100 well-known international school principals from all over the country who have come together. There is a galaxy of distinguished and experienced guests.  They discuss ideas freely in order to learn from each other, brainstorm and they annotate the challenges they have faced in the development of international schools. After several months of offline interviews and surveys, combined with online questionnaires and inspection of international schools and well-respected teachers, Tencent 2018 International School Annual Gala made their decision. Our school won the “International Schools Talent Development Practice Award”. 

Principal Zhang Xuefei said: “This is an affirmation of our school and also an encouragement. The Tencent education evaluation history is long and their credibility is high. The results are strong and convincing.The internationalization of our school is very advanced. As a principal, I would like to do my best to lead the school to new heights.” 

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