Primary School

Small class teaching, about 25 people per class

Chinese and Western School-based Curriculum

Our school curriculum provides students with fun, individual and challenging ways to learn and research.

Our school encourages teachers to participate in the research and development of school-based curriculum, drawing on international advanced educational concepts and teaching methods. Our school teaching team and school education research institute have jointly developed a series of bilingual education courses. The school-based bilingual education curriculum fully taps the students' potential and encourages students to explore topics with their peers, thus cultivating students' comprehensive ability in inquiry, collaboration, analysis and speculation. Teachers regularly arrange multidisciplinary research projects, allowing students to collaborate on research projects in groups, and present their research findings and works to classmates, teachers, and parents.

language skills

Students can communicate in Chinese and English

scientific ethics

Open STEAM courses to train students to innovate in science and technology

Sports ability

Master no less than two or more sports skills

Artistic ability

Art, pottery, paper art, wood making, technology making, vocal music, dance, drama, etc.

National service hotline

Executive center phone
Address: No. 2151, Gongji Road, Huinan, Pudong New Area, Shanghai (North Gate); No. 699 Guanhai Road (East Gate)