Intl High School

High School

Course introduction

The American high school course (+AP), affiliated to the second foreign language school affiliated to Shanghai Normal University, is based on the requirements of the national core curriculum standard (Common Core Standard) and the University Council of the United States (College Board), on the basis of the requirements of the four national core courses, and the addition of the connecting courses of the famous schools in the United States and the United States. Leadership courses provide a complete American high school learning experience through an all-English teaching model for foreign teachers.

Curriculum setting

Authoritative certificate

The course is synchronized with the American high school curriculum, and the school accepts American high school students. Our course is certified by the AdvancEd, the famous American Accreditation Agency.

    Many ways of raising school

  • Domestic colleges and Universities - admission through college entrance examination
  • University of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan - Application for online registration after college entrance examination
  • Direct access to foreign universities: Colorado State University, Malaysian Elite University, etc.

Advantages of running a school

  • Hierarchical teaching is beneficial to students' performance.
  • The integrated curriculum of China and the United States is beneficial to the comprehensive development of students
  • A team of foreign teachers with expert qualifications
  • Standardized academic planning and education guidance
  • Global recognition of the JUPITER credit system
  • TOEFL and SAT integration courses for students
  • Expert international education management and operation team
  • The warm campus environment of the internationalized people
  • Large overseas education and social resources
  • Unique Double Channel for Students to Apply for Famous Schools
  • Professional overseas background of Chinese teachers' team
  • People-oriented management and service system
  • The achievements of overseas study in education and teaching are remarkable

Study model (flexible dual channel mode)

The introduction of the United States model of higher education, diversified training mechanism. According to the situation of the children in school. Recommend the most appropriate mode of education to maximize the advantages of children.
Conventional model 3+4:That is, students through the three-year American College course of study, reference to the TOEFL and SAT exams, directly admitted to the United States famous schools.
Special offering model 3+2+2:That is, students in the United States for three years of higher education in the country, through two years of community colleges into the United States four-year university to continue to study in the junior and senior courses

Achievement of higher school

The curriculum combines the advantages and characteristics of Chinese and western education. According to the students' different goals, learning conditions and academic choices, the curriculum is planned for promotion. The international curriculum department adopts a dual channel with special education to ensure that every student can get the admission of the ideal school. Students in American universities are among the top students in Shanghai. Some schools are as follows: University of Washington, Rice University, Vanderbilt University, Carnegie Meilong University, Tufts University, North Carolina State University - Chapel Hill, Wuhan University, Wuhan University, Boston University. Study, Marie college, California University - Santiago, California University - Davies, Northeastern University, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Purdue University, College of Visual Arts, University of Wisconsin, University of Massachusetts, University of Massachusetts, Rogers University and so on.
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