About us

School Introduction

Respect the personality of the students    Lead the students to grow up    Helping the students to succeed

Our vision

  • 01.Beautiful campus, let students love life
  • 02.A wealth of courses that benefit students for a lifetime
  • 03.Advanced culture, let students enjoy a lifetime

Our perspective

  • 01.Walking with wisdom, being happy, and talking to the world
  • 02.Have courage, strength, love, compassion

Our mission

  • 01.Help students understand meaningful life
  • 02.Developed in terms of morality and academics
  • 02.Make them a new generation of people facing the world and a healthy personality
National service hotline

Executive center phone
Address: No. 2151, Gongji Road, Huinan, Pudong New Area, Shanghai (North Gate); No. 699 Guanhai Road (East Gate)