High School

Secondary school

Domestic high school in 2018

Respect the personality of students, lead students to grow, and help students succeed.

  • Educational goal

    Courage, fitness, courtesy;

    Have love, have special strength, and have compassion;

    Chinese people facing the world.

  • School vision

    Beautiful campus, let students love for a lifetime;

    A wealth of courses that benefit students for a lifetime;

    Advanced culture allows students to enjoy a lifetime.

  • Sense of worth

    To walk with wisdom, to associate with pleasure, and to talk with the world.

    Courageous, talented, caring and compassionate.

Etiquette, responsibility, and responsibility

School characteristics

  • ● Small class (30-35 people per class), layered teaching, paying attention to the development of students at different levels; advanced teaching equipment, able to meet the needs of modern teaching
  • ● Foreign language features:
    Intensive English - Intensive English Teaching for Students' College Entrance Examination and Development Needs
    Small language - open Japanese and Korean language teaching for different needs
  • ● Artistic features
  • ● College entrance examination art:
    Students have zero foundation, zero starting point, and professional teachers layered lectures
    In the past three years, the college entrance examination professional qualification rate is 100%, and the undergraduate online rate is over 96%.
  • ● Film and television director:
    Professional training for students with film and television art hobbies In the past three years, the college entrance examination rate was 100%, and many students were admitted to the prestigious school.

    Multiple ways of progression

  • ● Domestic institutions of higher learning - admission through the college entrance examination
  • ● Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan universities - online application after college entrance examination
  • ● Direct access to foreign universities - Colorado State University, Malaysian Elite University, etc.

Life management - peace of mind for students and peace of mind for parents

Student life management is all day long. Life teacher is also an educator. Student accommodation life curriculum
  • dorm room

  • restaurant

  • classroom

    Teaching quality and results

  • In 2015, the undergraduate course rate was 86%, and two students were admitted to Tongji University.
  • In 2016, the undergraduate course rate was 92%, and the first place in the Pudong New Area Progressive School
  • In 2017, the undergraduate online rate was 93.3%, and the college online rate was 100%.

2018 Admissions Information

  • 1.Admission requirements: See the enrollment guide for each district (school code 10719)
  • 2.Fees: Tuition: 16,000 yuan / semester

Enrollment hotline:021-68005137/68005762

National service hotline

Executive center phone
Address: No. 2151, Gongji Road, Huinan, Pudong New Area, Shanghai (North Gate); No. 699 Guanhai Road (East Gate)