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Celebrating Thanksgiving Day at The Second Foreign Language School Affiliated to Shanghai Normal University

Release date:2018-11-29

Thanksgiving Day is a traditional western festival created by America to give thanks for the blessing of the harvest, but it has now become more a time for family reunions and a time to enjoy a feast together, normally roast turkey and all the trimmings. Today, our International Studies Division experienced this western custom. Delicious roast turkey, pizza, vegetables, baskets of fruit and pumpkins adorned the tables. 

The teachers and students of our school’s international department have truly established an open and inclusive culture and the interaction between staff and students is positive and happy. Students randomly divided into small groups and sat down to eat their feast with their teachers. It was a time to share funny stories and memories of times spent together. 

The curriculum our international department follows is based on the American High School Curriculum, (American High and AP curriculum), and the common core standards and graduation requirements of the US College Board. In addition, they have integrated the four core courses stipulated by our national government requirements into the curriculum. Top-up courses and leadership courses of well-known and established American schools and universities have also been added to the curriculum. Together with the Thanksgiving activity and the foreign teachers, this is just one way that our school provided an authentic American cultural experience at school.     

Our school is a Chinese school which is integrated with the world. We are constantly exploring the best educational paths for our students. We have: “A beautiful campus which students will remember for a lifetime; a wealth of courses which will benefit our students for a lifetime and an advanced culture of education which will enrich their lives.”We look forward to welcoming more parents and students who are seeking this enriching educational experience!

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