Admissions Guide for the Second Foreign Languages School affiliated to Shanghai Normal University

First, the school introduction

The Second Foreign Language School affiliated to Shanghai Normal University was established in 2000. The school is located at the axis of Disneyland, Pudong International Airport and Lingang New City. It is a 12-year modern, high-standard, boarding private school. . The school building covers an area of nearly 200 acres and the modern building area is over 200,000 square meters.

Second, the admission policy

The Second Foreign Languages School affiliated to Shanghai Normal University implements an equality policy and welcomes all eligible students to apply for admission regardless of race, gender, class, nationality or economic status. In order to enable the school to understand the needs of the students, all applicants must participate in the interview with the parents, and accept the test evaluation of academic, language ability and comprehensive quality.

Third, the enrollment plan:

The schools that enroll the boarding and day students will recruit Chinese and foreign students (including excellent transfer students) throughout the year.

Fourth, the enrollment object

1. Students with Shanghai household registration.
2. Students with foreign household registration.
3. Students with foreign or overseas passports (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan students).

V. Application process

If you are interested in applying for admission to our school, please submit the following application materials to our Admissions Department by hand, mail, electronically scanned or by mail. The School Admissions Department will notify you to take the school entrance exam (English, Mathematics) and interview after receiving the application materials submitted by you.

six. Submission of materials

1. Admission Application Form
2. A copy of the student's valid identification document (student residence card, ID card or passport);
3. A copy of the identity document (ID card or passport) of the parent/guardian;
4. A copy of the "Growth Record of Primary and Secondary School Students" or a copy of the student's latest report;
5. Two-inch student's 1-inch ID photo

Seven, registration and admission process

Please register online at the Shanghai Compulsory Education Journal System (website: http://www.shrxbm.cn).

Eight, three commitments

• Do not perform registration and interviews in advance.
• No special student resumes and various award certificates.
• Admissions are not linked to any social education and training institution.

National service hotline

Executive center phone
Address: No. 2151, Gongji Road, Huinan, Pudong New Area, Shanghai (North Gate); No. 699 Guanhai Road (East Gate)