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Second foreign language school affiliated to Shanghai Normal University

The second foreign language school affiliated to Shanghai Normal University was established in 2000. The school is located at the axis of three points in Disney Park, Pudong International Airport and port city. It is a modern, high standard, boarding school, which is a twelve year consistent, high standard and boarding school. The school covers an area of nearly 200 mu, with a modern construction area of over 200 thousand square meters. The school has primary school, junior high school and high school.

The school advocates the cultivation of students' Chinese and English bilingualism and a high degree of recognition and recognition of different cultures. The school actively broadens students' international vision and develops students' multicultural thinking ability. Students understand the contribution of multicultural development in the world through classroom communication, discussion, practice, comparison and research. The mission of the school is the national curriculum, the essence of the integration of Chinese and western traditional education, for all students to provide moral, academic, sports, art, life and other aspects of the best learning and training opportunities, so that students can become a new generation with a sound personality that can be facing the world without confusion, worry and fear.

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Address: No. 2151, Gongji Road, Huinan, Pudong New Area, Shanghai (North Gate); No. 699 Guanhai Road (East Gate)